The Pollock laboratory at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center



The LnLCorr package is designed to detect pairwise coevolutionary among residues in a set of proteins using likelihood ratio tests. The basic program was described in Pollock, Taylor, and Goldman (1999), and only minor modifications have been made since.



A set of Linux executables, control files, and example files (.tar) may be downloaded here. Future versions may be compiled on various platforms. We hope to release a GNU version of the code soon. Please contact us for compiling on alternate platforms. A Linux version that does not require pdb files is here (To use these, you need to delete the pdb file name).

NEW: You will also want a version of CorrStrap_nopdb that does not require pdb files).

NEW: Two versions of CorrStrap and LnLCorr are available with statically linked libraries, which may be useful for runing on older versions of Linux that may not have all the libraries that LnLCorr requires.



Available here. It is pretty brief at this time, so please contact us with questions or requests.



Two movies of coevolving sites in COI are available (Wang and Pollock, 2007, in press ). Warning: some of these images are around 20 MB.



Original concept and programming by D Pollock, with input from WR Taylor and N Goldman. Current development by Z Wang and D Pollock. A parallel version is in the testing stage and may be available soon.