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STTP slots for Recruitment of  Under-represented Minorities into Biomedical Informatics careers

Beginning in 2007, all NLM Short Term Trainee Position (STTP) slots will be awarded only for recruitment of individuals from under-represented racial and ethnic groups; individuals with disabilities; and individuals from economically, socially, culturally or educationally disadvantaged backgrounds into careers in biomedical Informatics. NLM STTP slots will be awarded on request, when an eligible candidate(s) has been identified. The short-term trainee may be an undergraduate or graduate student, physician or veterinarian with an interest in a biomedical or behavioral science career.

Note: Applicants who wish to work with the ucdenver Program in Computational Bioscience should contact a faculty member.

1.      Eligibility:

a.      Slots can be requested for under-represented racial and ethnic groups: Black or African-American, Native Americans and Alaskan Indians, Hispanic, Hawaiian Native or Pacific Islander.
b.      Individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds may come from (1) a family with an annual income below established low-income thresholds, or (2) a socio-cultural environment (such as found in some rural or inner-city areas) that inhibited their ability to obtain knowledge skills and abilities for a research career. The latter case applies only to high school or undergraduate students.

2.      STTP slots can last up to 3 months and receive the following funds

a.      For 2007, stipend of $5193 (π cost of 0 level from Predoc stipend table) for undergrad or grad student. For MD/DVM, the Stipend is  $9249, π cost of 0 level Postdoc stipend table)
b.      Tuition/Education Costs: up to $4,000
c.      Training-related Expenses including travel, housing, etc: $1,100
d.      8% administrative overhead cost

3.      Slot can be requested at any time and appointment can be made at any time during the funded training year of July 1 through June 30. An individual can receive more than one STTP appointment, but they cannot be used end-to-end to create a longer, continuous training period.

4.      Requests: STTP slot requests should be sent to the NLM Program Officer for Extramural Training, Dr. Valerie Florance, as described below. All applications should be sent via e-mail to with these attachments:

a.      Up to 1 page that describes what the trainee will do and who will be the mentor
b.      Training Appointment form for the requested candidate. Fields 1-14, 18-21 to be completed by the training program.



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