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Ancestral TE



The AnTE package is designed to infer relationships among replicating ancestral TE sequences in a TE family.




AnTE is under continued development. The current version AnTE.tar.gz can be downloaded here. The distribution contains code, manual and some example files using gibbon LAVA sequences.




This program is distributed under the Gnu Public LIcense in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY (see disclaimer).

Further information on using the program is available in user manual included in the compressed file folder.




Written and designed by Aaron Wacholder and DD Pollock, mostly by Aaron. Manual written by Corey Cox and Aaron Wacholder.




AV Wacholder, C Cox, TJ Meyer, RP Ruggiero, Vemulapalli, A Damert, L Carbone, and DD Pollock, "LAVA Transposable Elemens Evolve as Quasispecies", in review, 2013.


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